What is a “full-shoot”?

A session with me involves multiple outdoor locations with as many outfit changes as you wish. This gives us the opportunity to get the largest variety of images for you to use. Every location has its own special mood and varies greatly from the last. Once we pair that with the right “look”, we achieve something that aesthetically compliments the composition, and most importantly, doesn’t distract from YOU. 

I go by the standard of shooting until both of us are completely content with the selection, and that is usually achieved in less than 1.5hrs of shooting. Alas, I say, there is no set time limit. I don’t like to rush and don’t book clients one directly after another. This is your shoot. Let’s relax, have fun, and get you some rockin’ shots! 


Why do you shoot exclusively outdoors and not in-studio?

Simply answered; there is nothing more dynamic than a natural light headshot. The images dance with life and just POP. Even in the dead of winter I’ve had management companies demand their clients shoot with me outdoors instead of in a studio. Yes, we almost froze, but we also got incredible shots. It’s just THAT much more effective. 

In recent times, the casting process has become increasingly more digitalized and generally speaking, hard copies are a thing of the past. Since the actor’s headshot has been reduced to a mere thumbnail, a vibrant and interesting natural-light headshot will always win over a studio shot. I’m not serving the actor nor my own standards by simplifying the process and shooting indoors. I demand the best. You should too. 


What should I bring?

Gents- Solid and neutral colors work best. Please make sure to prepare items with varying neck-lines; light sweaters, polos, collared shirts, t-shirts. 

Ladies- In addition to all that’s mentioned above, feel free to add a “pop” color. If you decide to bring a top that’s printed or has any sort of pattern, it’s be best to avoid pieces that may distract. Camisoles are always a great option. 

Kids- T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies (if the hood isn’t huge). Just no logos! If the little actor is less than 8, I would be mindful of neckline sizes of t-shirts and pullovers. Many children’s clothing companies make neck widths a little too wide. I’ll have clips on hand, but just something to be mindful of! 

General note: Bring items you would normally wear to an audition. More type-specific wardrobe such as suits or biker jackets can be brought along, but it’s usually the simple shot that gets you in the door. 

PS: Denim shirts are always an agent/manager favorite. 


What’s the deal with hair & makeup?

Gents - there is rarely a need for hair or makeup to be done by a professional unless you have long or absolutely unruly hair. Keeping everything natural is paramount. Bring a bit of powder if you have it. 

Ladies - If you decide to do your own makeup, DON’T OVER DO IT! Keep it natural, natural, natural. Your everyday mascara, shadow, blush and lips will be sufficient. Avoid base powders with UV/SPF protection or titanium dioxide as it reflects too much light. Shiny lip gloss can also be distracting. 

Kids- makeup is generally not needed, though I would suggest prepping hair for girls prior to the shoot. 

A makeup artist is available at your request for an additional fee. I STRONGLY advise this option for women. All this can be discussed prior to the shoot to land on what’s best for you. I have recommendations for people on a budget as well!