Win the Social Media Game

An actor, musician, or artist's social media presence has become an essential part of connecting to and expanding his or her fan base. Without the dedicated media teams of their more-established colleagues, emerging artists of all kinds are forced to pour valuable time into these mediums, detracting from what they do best.

Let me help you focus on YOUR ART.

The Social Media Accelerator is designed to grow your fanbase without draining your time. Your fans want to see you, but far too many artists run out of high-quality content to post. 

With the Professional package, you receive the standard premium-quality headshot:

You'll also set yourself apart with a wide variety of shots like these:

After just one session, you'll have at least a month's worth of professional content to post to all of your social media platforms.

Your art takes precedence. Don't let the realities of social media marketing preoccupy you needlessly. 

Choose success. Choose to accelerate your career here.