The Pasha Difference

Pasha’s work is alive. The photos seem to breathe with an energy that comes through the image acutely expressing a sense of vivid nuance.
— Davi Santos, Power Rangers

I get it. Money is tight, and you can't afford to pay for anything less than the perfect headshot experience. So what sets me apart? 

I am a professional photographer. I can and will change your career for the better with nothing more than a camera and my experience. But before I was a photographer, I was an actor. In fact, I still am. I understand the needs of every individual client because I walk in their shoes every single day. The headshot is essential in our world, and I will not leave you with anything short of the best possible tool you can have. I’m not just a photographer making a quick buck…I’m an actor determined to help you achieve your goals. 

For the past four years, I've professionally shot everything from clothing campaigns in South Africa to musician portraits in the Netherlands. I'm passionate about what I do, and that passion will shine through in every one of your images.

What do I offer that other photographers don’t?

A COLOR-CORRECTED private proofing gallery after the shoot

That means I take a first pass at the images and select the very best so you don’t have to pick through 400 high-res files. Then I edit and grade the color of each individual image so you get an accurate idea of what they will look like once they are retouched. Even though you will receive ALL of your full-resolution images, this step at the front-end will save you a lot of time in the selection process. 

1 Year Back-Up

Accidents happen. You shouldn't lose what's yours because of them. After each shoot, I immediately back up all of your images to a solid-state drive AND a cloud-storage account ensuring that no matter what happens, all of your images will be safe for an entire year. And at that time you should think about shooting with me again! :) 

Top of the line equipment

The gear does not make the photographer, but having the proper tools helps to get the highest quality product. I shoot on a Nikon D810 which is just about as high up as one can go in photography equipment. This means i’m shooting with 36 megapixels of photo goodness. So if you wanted to blow up your headshot to the size of a billboard…you could. 

A human-to-human satisfaction guarantee

I started shooting because I myself wanted the best shots. I didn’t want to cut corners. But the thing is, I just met a lot of fast-talking people. Now, in the photographer’s seat, I want to say that my only goal is to give you an edge in this industry. I’ve never had to reshoot because we’ve always nailed it first time around. But, if you aren’t completely satisfied, or your agent said you need more happy-go-lucky images when we loaded up your portfolio with Law & Order SVU-type shots, I’m happy to shoot again at no extra cost. This is YOUR shoot. I’m just happy to assist.

If you're still unsure, contact me HERE and let's talk. I'd love to help you however I can.